Please enjoy this lovely Pre Wedding at the Location For You, Delhi featuring Komal and Rishi!

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001-location-for you-komal-rishi

002-location-for you-komal-rishi

003-location-for you-komal-rishi

004-location-for you-komal-rishi

005-location-for you-komal-rishi

006-location-for you-komal-rishi

007-location-for you-komal-rishi

008-location-for you-komal-rishi

009-location-for you-komal-rishi

010-location-for you-komal-rishi

011-location-for you-komal-rishi

012-location-for you-komal-rishi

013-location-for you-komal-rishi

014-location-for you-komal-rishi

015-location-for you-komal-rishi

015-location-for you-komal-rishi

017-location-for you-komal-rishi

018-location-for you-komal-rishi

019-location-for you-komal-rishi

020-location-for you-komal-rishi

021-location-for you-komal-rishi

022-location-for you-komal-rishi

023-location-for you-komal-rishi

024-location-for you-komal-rishi

025-location-for you-komal-rishi

026-location-for you-komal-rishi

027-location-for you-komal-rishi

028-location-for you-komal-rishi

029-location-for you-komal-rishi

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