Plan Pre Wedding & Wedding at Home

If you’re worried about Covid -19 and trying to figure out a safe way to get married asap because you know Corona isn’t going anywhere soon, then this post is just for you. Let me tell you, it’s possible, you can achieve it with a little planning and that too on a small budget!!

The best news is that you have plenty of options to choose from, you’re spoilt for choices really!! You can choose from a Back garden wedding, Cozy home wedding,  Shadow lawn wedding, Wedding reception at home or why not go for a Virtual wedding!! 

Create some hand written invitation cards, get married in your mother’s wedding saree, go for kesar-haldi homemade face pack, choose a simple yet effective mehndi design for yourself….who needs s professional makeup…you’ll be glowing with love anyway!! 

You can also plan a pre wedding ceremony a day before the actual wedding. Make a playlist of your favourite songs as a couple, get all your friends on zoom and have a dance party or go traditional…choose a dholak or dhol !! I can already feel the excitement…eek, it’s your big day and it’ll happen exactly how you dreamt it.

You can plan your pre-wedding photoshoot in different area of your home. A quirky yet intimate home prewedding shoot is very much feasible and trust us it would be even more fun than the ones you have been craving previously.

Having a home wedding has a number of benefits and it’s achievable without an event planner (saving your hard earned money), it’ll be a stress free wedding, you’ll have your family and friends’s blessings with you, it’ll be an environmentally friendly wedding, it’ll be safe for everyone and most importantly it’ll be a memorable day for you forever!! 

So get your planner hat on, start writing invitations, plan your menu, iron your mum’s banarase saree or if you’re the groom your dad’s silk kurta would do (pair it up with your sister’s baandhni dupatta) and get ready for your big day! Give people a lockdown wedding to remember! 


If you are planning for per wedding and wedding, you can ask us for help in capturing your wedding stories thru our lenses with creative small two person team. Check out our Wedding & Pre Wedding projects and watch our films by our video partner Witty Shadows. Please contact us for more details.